HoopoeMail story

HoopoeMail story starts from the problem that we face when sending emails to our users and emails goes to spam we sent emails(most of the time it was notifications mail). Despite our sincerest efforts to fix some problems in sending system, such as changing the IPs,unfortunately, it happened again we think about what should we do to get better results from sending emails. as a result HoopoeMail is born. HoopoeMail is a spam checker and warm-up system, it helps email marketers or host providers to find out issues in their sending email system.


  • Warm-up system
  • Mail testing with automatic and schedule program
  • Email validation
  • Check status of sending emails in popular inboxes like gmail, outlook, yahoo, yandex ...
  • Monitor blacklist status of sending ips and domains
  • Monitor reputation of sending ips and domains
  • Specific status page for the ESPs
  • Connection with popular email marketing platforms

How warm-up system help?

it automatically send emails to our network from your inbox! your emails would be open and click like a human. In addition, we launched a warm up solution for campaigns, it help you reach a better inbox for specific campaign content.

How spam checker help?

It helps you find out issues in your sending system automatically.